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Clarity offers fully-qualified Pharmacists from the UK and Northern Ireland full access to its jobs listings. The market dynamic is quite different in Ireland and Pharmacists' hourly rate can often be twice that on offer in some UK regions. Working in Ireland is more attractive than ever and if you are considering working in Ireland (either for a short-term posting or are seeking something more long-term), the Clarity team are more than happy to talk to you. But before you apply for Locum work with Clarity, consider the following:

Legal right to work

In general, if you are a EEA (which includes the UK) or Swiss citizen; you should be eligible to work in Ireland. There may be some restrictions - the best place to find out if you are eligible to work in Ireland is from the Governments of Ireland's citizeninformation.ie official website.

Pharmacy in Ireland

There are significant differences between the administration of primary care between Ireland and the UK and community drug schemes are no exception to this.

In general, the volume of items dispensed in Irish pharmacies will be lower than those in the UK, with this lower volume of items counterbalanced by a significant increase in the number of schemes and the volume of paper work. It is not uncommon for a single patient to use three separate schemes concurrently, for example: a diabetic patient may present receive their hypoglycemics on the "Long term illness" scheme, their PPI on their families "Drug Payment" scheme and then the "High tech" scheme for an immunosuppressant for their rheumatoid arthritis. These three schemes will result in four separate print outs, three of which will have to be signed by the patient and then filed to accompany the end of month return. So it;s easy to see how you can quickly become overwhelmed by a seemingly straightforward request for four or five regular items.

The following link provides a comprehensive package on Irish community drug schemes and legislation.

Clarity Locums is run by pharmacists so we understand the stresses and strains of working as a Locum, especially when staring out in Ireland having working in the UK for some time. If you have any queries on anything to do with locuming in Ireland or would like to enquire about doing some shadowing work with one of our clients before you start locum work please give Anthony a ring on 01 532 5441. Clarity Locums are always happy to help.

Once you get you have submitted your documents to the PSI and have an expected date of registration you can register here and start booking work - https://claritylocums.ie/locum_signUp.php

Registration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) regulates Pharmacists in Ireland. If you are working as a Pharmacist in Ireland, you must register with them. It is impossible to work for Clarity Locums if you are not registered with the PSI.

There is some paperwork that you'll need to fill out in order to get registered for the first time. Many Pharmacists working with Clarity will be classed as "EU Trained Pharmacists". You'll need to provide the following documentation to the PSI (we recommend sending all documents using traceable mail only):

• Birth certificate
• Passport
• Qualification certificate awarded to you by the University
• Registration certificate (if applicable)
• Confirmation of your registration status from your home State
• You may be invited to attend a face-to-face meeting with the PSI
• You may be asked to provide other information
• Pay a once-off registration fee: €540 (Clarity can subsidise up to €340 of this one-off cost subject to certain committment conditions)
• The annual registration fee is €380 (not payable until the start of month 13)

The above proceedure can take between 3 and 6 weeks.

As soon as you have a PSI number without conditions, you can work for Clarity.

UK and Ireland transport links

Northern Ireland
Belfast is just 1.75 to 2 hours from Dublin. Newry is just an hour away. We regularly facilitate Pharmacists who may only wish to work in the North County Dublin/Louth/Meath area.
For pharmacists who don't drive, Aircoach have a low-cost, high-speed service from Belfast direct to Dublin airport and on to Dublin city. It takes about 2 hours and is a viable short-term commuting option. Many Locums choose to live in Dublin (for example) for a few days at a time and use the Aircoach service once a week. These types of travel expenses are generally fully deducatable should you choose to work as a contractor.

UK mainland
There are regular flights from most major UK cities to all major Irish airports. Ryanair operate a regular and low cost service which is popular with many Locums. Flights are very low cost when booked in advance and travel expenses are usually deductable as an eligible expense.

Guaranteed minimum amount of work

Clarity can agree to fixed-length, short-term assignments where a minimum level of work is guaranteed*.

For example, you may wish to work in the North Dublin area for three months during the summer. Clarity would agree on 12 weeks x 5 days = 60 days of guaranteed work (must agree to be available for work on weekends and public holidays). This works out at 600 hours.

Here's the breakdown:
- 12 x 50 hour weeks
- €31.50 per hour
- 12 x 50 x €31.50 = €18,900 gross income
- Payment is made on the 15th of every month.

If you continue to be a resident in the UK and are only working temporarily in Ireland, you will likely be taxed according to HMRC rules and not Irish Revenue rules. HMRC offer much higher personal allowances and higher tax bands and don't levy USC. In the UK, you can earn up to £11,000 tax free and only pay 20% tax on the next £32,000. Generally, you can earn up to £42,000 before hitting the 40% tax band.

In the particular circumstance where you earn £28000 from another job and have an income of €18,900 from Clarity Locums, you may find you could have a much higher net take-home pay than someone working 48 weeks for Clarity Locums††. When you factor in the lower cost of living (e.g. Northern Ireland), the higher rate of pay at Clarity, along with the favourable exchange rate, you can see why working for Clarity Locums could be an attractive option.


* Please get in touch for full details. English language certificate of proficiency may be required. Good knowledge of Irish schemes essential.
Please consult your tax advisor. Clarity does not offer financial advice. Income from working as a contractor may be taxed differently from income earned as an employee.
†† Please consult your tax advisor. Clarity does not offer financial advice. Income from working as a contractor may be taxed differently to income earned as an employee. The example is for illustrative purposes only. Exchange rates can change and hourly rates offered to Pharmacists can fluctuate.