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From May 2015, Clarity Locums offers all Locums the option to work as a contractor. There are many benefits to working as a contractor, including:

Higher pay

Contractors will earn an average of 10% more compared to Locums who are paid through Clarity's payroll.


Contractors may offset a number of allowable expenses against their tax liabilty, further increasing their take home pay

Increased scope for work

Due to the increased pay and the abilty to put through expenses, contracting can make weekend locuming far more profitable for employee pharmacists. See the break down below for an example scenario.

Zero hassle company set up

Our contracting partners, Contracting Plus, will be able to set you up as a company director and manage all Revenue and CRO correspondance on your behalf.

Payroll and tax

Contracting Plus will be able to process all Revenue and payroll administration, including year end returns.

If you would like to know more about contracting, simply login to your account where you can enable the contracting option.

Contracting Plus

Contracting Plus, our contracting partners, will be happy to speak to you about what's involved in working as a contractor (no obligation). Based on Merrion Square, Contracting Plus offers market-leading contractor accounting services and are very experienced in taxation for Locum Pharmacist healthcare professionals.

Established in 2002, Contracting PLUS, has grown from strength to strength to become the Irish market leader in contractor accountants services. From first-timers looking for contracting help to the veteran in the field, Contracting Plus's clients are secure in the knowledge that their accounts are in the hands of experts with unrivalled experience.

Contracting example

A typical Locum could benefit from the following breakdown:

Weekly calculation # Hours Rate per hour Agency cost Ltd. company cost
Salary 36 25 900.00 -
Contractor rate 36 27 - 972.00
Contracting Plus fee (5%) - - - (48.60)
Reimbursable Expenses:1
- Mobile phone expense (25.00)
- Mileage expense (134.44)
- Subsistence expense (118.00)
Taxable salary 900.00 645.96
PAYE (40%) 2 (360.00) (258.38)
USC (8%) 2 (72.00) (51.68)
PRSI (4%) (36.00) (25.84)
Net salary 432.00 310.06
Net Salary (plus reimbursable expenses) 432.00 587.50
Net Difference 36%

1. Assumes expenses are incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties
2. Assumes PAYE/USC applied at marginal rates - all applicable thresholds/credits allocated to other employment income