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Why choose Clarity?

Let Clarity Locums simplify your staffing. We offer compelling value to pharmacy owners and business managers:

  • High quality, competent and reliable staff
  • Just one invoice - let us handle all the paperwork
  • People-orientated staff
  • Staff who posess good soft skills in the area of teamwork, customer interaction, punctualness and reliability
  • Our technology-enhanced work allocation system is unique to the market – booking pharmacy staff has never been easier. You can book online, on your mobile phone, or call us directly at any time (including emergency cover requests).
  • Committment to openness and transparency: the quote you see is the amount you are invoiced. There are no hidden fees.

Who are we?

Clarity Locums is one of the largest pharmacy recruitment agencies in the country. We are undoubtedly the most cost-effective, responsive and easiest-to-use agency. This has come about as a result of our effective management strategy and above all, the trust our customers place in the service that Clarity Locums has to offer. Our management team has over 50 years of experience in the healthcare sector, including specialist areas such as pharmacy, nursing, management, regulatory and technology. The fusion of these skills has enabled Clarity Locums to offer a cost-effective, high quality and professional service that is unlike any other available.

  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Professional, pharmacist-led management
  • Management bound by PSI rules
  • A committment to integrity, safety and quality

Find out about "The Clarity Promise":