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Clarity Locums launched their first smartphone app in 2011 and it has seen a steady growth in the number of users since then. The app is fully integrated with our online booking system and all the features available to website users are also available on the app. This brings huge convenience to both locums and employers and makes doing business with Clarity Locums easier than any other agency in the country.

View a list of days booked

Check the status of days requested

Verify days completed

Set areas you are interested in

Get instant push notifications of openings in your area

In 2014 we decided it was time to give pharmacy owners access to the same level of service so we put our coding and designing hats on and got to work on our recently launched employers' app. It is available to download from the Apple store and the Android store.

Here at Clarity Locums we are constantly innovating and looking at ways to improve our service. We are always looking for feedback, comments or suggestions so as to make sure that our agency meets and exceeds our customers' expectations.